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Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities

We have multiple fundraisers coming up that we need volunteers at. I have attached the link to sign up.

2018 - 2019 Volunteer Hours

The volunteer, oranges and team meal sign-up sheets are located below.

It was requested that each family volunteer 5-6 hours, lead or assist with a team meal and also bring game oranges for the 2018-2019 season. This is one of the requirements to ensure your $200 volunteer/equipment check is not cashed.

Please note that if you are unable to fulfill your hours for any reason it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


If you have any questions please contact Lori Van Hulzen at


Go Cardinals!

Volunteer Hour Assignments

If you are unable to satisfy your volunteer hours for any reason it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Please notify Lori Van Hulzen at of any changes made throughout the season.


Approximately 40 oranges should be quartered and placed in zip lock bags. 1/2 of the oranges should be marked for JV and the other 1/2 marked for Varsity. Oranges should be delivered to one of the coaches on game day prior to the start of the JV game.  

Team Meals

The Team Lead is responsible for coordinating the entire team meal with the rest of the assigned families. Please note that the meal does NOT need to be pasta, each group can decide what they want to feed the boys and coaches.

You should plan to feed 40 growing boys and coaches.

A supply bin (with plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and eating utensils) is stored at CRIC. The team lead will be contacted with information on how to obtain the supplies. Please be sure to let someone from the Redline Club know if anything is running low. 


Team Meals will be held in the following locations:



A team meal recommendation/guideline document is located below. Please contact the volunteer coordinator if you find the quantities should be modified or if you have quantities for other meal options that can be added.


Grocery Bagging

The boys will be bagging groceries on TBD. There will be three shifts, two hours per player.

  • Location: Cub Foods by the High School - 2050 Northdale Blvd
  • If the assigned times do not work, each player is responsible for switching with another player
  • The boys should be in their dress clothes (we received lots of compliments doing this the past couple seasons)
  • Upon arrival each player should talk to John Ruff or one of the other parents to find out where they’re needed


Click on the PDF below to see the schedule